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My fascination with wolves began when I was 8 or 9, I can't quite remember how, but it's lasted ever since. I didn't know it, and there was no name for it, but I've been a Spirit Wolf for a long while. Only recently did I name my, whatever you would go about calling it. So, what is a Spirit Wolf? The Spirit is the part of the mind that holds your interests, personality, likes, dislikes, and everything that makes you who you are. Your spirit is sometimes referred to as your metaphorical heart. Being a Spirit Wolf is a sort of, lifestyle, I suppose. It's having a wolf as your spirit. It's like, if you have a wolf as your spirit animal. Although, you choose the wolf; it doesn't choose you. To start you have to think up, gather, and create what makes wolves stand out to you. Is it their pack system? Their physical appearance? Their family qualities?  Or maybe it's their all around being that makes you love them? Once you find out these things you can figure out how to add them to your spirit. Then you may want to try some wolfish activities such as: Hunting, Fishing, Howling, Camping, and Sports. The look isn't so important, just keep it simple and practical. A few wolf themed items (Hats, Jewelry, etc.) might be fun, nothing too gaudy or fancy. Stick to your personal style. There are videos, websites, and BOOKS devoted to this so it shouldn't be hard to find out how to do this. When shopping stick to these tips: If you don't think you look good in it don't buy it. Your clothes should make you feel confident. Don't buy something if it's just gonna sit in your closet. After all this, you also want to find a real wolf picture for your spirit to resemble. Although I didn't, I would suggest adopting a Grey Wolf or Red Wolf online and following him/her. So now you get the gist of it I hope you find something helpful, useful, and fun on my website. :) Have fun <3

xxLone Wolf,