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Happy New Year!!!

Posted by mamisgirl22 on January 12, 2014 at 1:20 PM

Well; it's been a few months....I'm not sure anyone even follows my website??? But; whatever. Haha, so; just an update; I've been watching a lot of good TV shows lately. For example: Once Upon a Time & Doctor Who. I just love them both *O* I've also been really interested in Minecraft lately; it's very fascinating ;) I've been listening to a lot of Imagine Dragons, Coldplay, One Direction (Midnight Memories is amazinggg!!!), and a few Snow Patrol. I've also been DIYing a lot! Um, yeah. I've actually become more of a pack wolf, now. Although since I always was a lone wolf, it's going to take some getting used to. I've been reading Warriors, Wolves of the Beyond, I should be starting Harry Potter soon; I'm also thinking of reading the Matched series (i think it's called...)? Not sure, though. BESIDES MY POINTLESS UPDATES; I'm going camping again soon :D I can't wait! My biggest update is....Okay; so I really love music! It's like my life and I think it'd be totally amazing to make my own, so I've been writing songs and learning Music Theory, Violin, Celtic Tin Whistle, and Piano (well; sort of. I already know how to play but I'm trying to be more professional about it ^~^"). The camping trip, I'm hoping, will get my creative juices flowing enough to write an album or EP; which will then proceed to YouTube and Bandcamp. But I'm not gonna go it alone; I want to have my friends help me out and sing with me on some songs :3 So, yeah, I'm excited and YOU should be too ;) That's all, pack buddies! Love you, if you are reading; I dono...You might be ;3

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