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A Match Made in Heaven <3

Posted by mamisgirl22 on January 14, 2014 at 4:50 PM

So! As I previously mentioned Matched in my latest blog post; I just finished reading it and I could not be more pleased. My friend had recommended it to me and let me borrow it and I was a bit skeptical at first; but I will not doubt her taste again! The book was fantastic and I noticed a lot of little things that correspond with other little things. For example, after reading it, I was able to figure out that certain references in the book correspond with the color of the cover. It was beautiful, it has loveable characters, it's well-written, great story line, and the fictional world is very well set up. I wasn't able to find any plotholes, mess-ups, or anything like that. All in all it seems like a really well thought out book that had a lot of love and time put into it :) I recommend it for any of you readers out there ;3

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