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Posted by mamisgirl22 on January 21, 2013 at 11:50 AM

So, this is apparently a blog. I'm probably very bad at this, but oh well! So, my name is Codi. I love wolves, and I love being a Spirit Wolf. I hate cities, but everywhere I look I see buildings, street lights, sidewalks, people, cars, roads, and bikes. Everybody moves so fast, they don't ever stop to smell the roses. It seems as though if I was hurt or injured on the sidewalk no one would come to my aid. I don't think that there are truly any good samaratins left in this world! Everywhere I smell gas, smoke, garbage, and perfume. I wish I could be smelling fresh air, seeing vast landscapes of green; not grey. Hearing bird songs, rustling leaves, and the wind whistling. But all I hear are cars and white noise. It seems as though everything natural and beautiful has been demolished to be replaced by ugly and artificial technology. The days when inventing was for efficiency, purpose, and help not entertainment and ease of life. What happened to hard work? I bet you didn't know that most corn isn't even real; they're GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms). The days when everything wasn't about money. The days when it wasn't about choice, it was about doing what's right. The days when milk was straight from cows to jugs. The golden days when meat wasn't full of preservatives. Face it, to everyone else; money makes the world go 'round. Not good deeds, helping hands, and lending neighbors. Nope, that ship has sailed. The world is dark and grey, run by a fallen angel named Lucifer. The world is broken; but not beyond saving. Jesus will come and take His children home. I don't have to worry because I may live in a house; but it's not my home. My home is beside my Heavenly Father in Heaven, spending eternity in laughter, happiness, joy, and purity. There won't be any tears to shed. Any worries to worry about. Everything will be perfect. I pray for those going the other way, burning forever and ever. Hell is a place, it's not a myth. Hell will be your home if you stay the way you are. Repent and ask his forgivness and walk the walk of Christ. Believe in Jesus Christ and you shall be saved. Believe that he gave his life to save you and rose again the third day. Believe in Heavenly Miracles; not in coincedence. You'll live a much better life, it's His guarantee. :)

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