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A Bad Blogger T.T

Posted by mamisgirl22 on April 4, 2013 at 6:30 PM

Haii, Guys....I haven't made a post in a while....so sorry T.T I'm a bad blogger. Anyways, yesterday my gun arrived :D I'm uber excited! I'll be practicing soon, my father has to help me set it up first though. It's actually a bit more intimidating then I wagered it might be. But I'll get used to it! It is a Crosman 2100 B Air Rifle. It has 755 fps and fires .177 pellets/bbs. During the process of it getting here I also purchased a pack of Gamo Targets, Gamo assorted .177 caliber pellets , and Pellgunoil by Crosman. I plan on hunting squirrels (when season comes), European starlings, and possibly rabbits? Rabbits aren't really prominent in my area :/ but yeah, squirrel season starts October 13th I'll have plenty of time for target practice before then ;) so, yeah. I went camping in mid-February. It was LOADS of awesome, the best part was tubing through the spring. Whilst tubing (I shared a tube with my best friend) we saw a doe (a female deer ;)) and an osprey swoop down and catch a fish 5' in front of us! Cool huh? It was a pretty, well, mainstream campsite. The other campers were ten feet away, and honey, let me tell you; they must have hated us (we hated them so it doesn't really matter much. stupid rv campers -.-)!!! I went camping with my best friends family, as previously mentioned, and we were so fluffin' loud! Anyways, back to the mainstream part. Not only were we in closer-than-comfortable proximity with them. But while I was "sleeping" in my tent I could hear the rushing of cars (as apposed to the prefered rushing of water)!!! We're going again soon; but to a more middle-of-nowhere scenario campsite (CREEKSIDE BABAY!). Anywho, it was reeeaally cold weather for inexperienced campers like ourselves. I'm talking thirty-degrees-night-don't-fit-in-sleeping-bag cold! Which stinks, because I didn't properly fit in my sleeping bag and, it is, well; a warm weather sleeping bag :| self explanatory situation, of course. It was a great experience though. I mostly went because I wanted to live the life of the wild, free, majestic wolf. OH! I almost forgot; I was scared out of my mind at night! Because of the wind blowing through the fast amount of trees it made an impending doom type roaring sound! The roaring gathered with the cars, and the barred owls :o yikes! Don't get me wrong, i love hearing owls at night but...I'm quite easily scared; I'm just good at hiding it *phew*. Have a great day guys! 

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