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Wolf of Heart

The Haven for Spirit Wolves

Note: I'll probably do regular updates of this section.

My Style 

My style is a toned down, classy, elegant, girly. I wear nature inspired jewelry featuring twigs, leaves, antlers, faux leather, and braids. My favorite necklace is a silver wolf pendant I bought from Etsy Seller: toofashion2010 . I wear lots of pastels, pale pinks, browns, greys, and tans. My favorite accessories are: Combat Boots, messenger bags, braided faux leather bracelets, and my necklace. I also love colorful accessories, wolf hats, and braided hairstyles. Distressed denim shorts, and guy jeans are my best friend :) I do thrift store shopping alot; nothing too fancy and expensive for me. I also love real feathers (the fake boa ones are sooo ugly -.-). Cardigans are also lovely! I like wooden beads a lot, too!  

A Great Makeup Tutorial!

So, I found this great makeup tutorial, for Wolf Makeup. I had been looking for a makeup look that's not cheesy and "werewolf" themed but not the norm either, so I have the answer to my own problem! It's this helpful video. I hope you like it like I did! :D Happy Howling! 

                         ~Lone Wolf, Codi <3